A complete solution for charging company cars

Charging Company Cars

At Olife Energy a.s., our experience running our own charging network means that we can offer you innovative solutions for managing the charging of your company EV fleet. Our services range from consultation to final installation, integration with your ICT and proper operator training.

Using an electric car requires a change of driver mindset. That’s why we also organise training seminars for new EV drivers. This means that their first reaction is enjoyment of the exceptional features of electric cars rather than resistance to change. We show them that the switch is not just about making a positive environmental impact, but also an exciting and enjoyable transition!

Powered by Olife Cloud

This service includes (amongst many other things) the ability for you to remotely manage and monitor your charging stations. It allows you to automatically control the power of the chargers so that defined power maximums are not exceeded. This avoids penalties for exceeding your maximum quarter-hour power cap. Powered by Olife’s open API also makes it possible to link with building measurement and control systems (MaR). This means you can optimise consumption for the whole building. Using the web interface, you can also configure access to charging stations for individual users and set their priority (charging speed), system performance, and monitor the consumption of individual charging points and users, etc.


  • analysing the situation and recommending the correct number of charging points
  • analysing building options
  • recommending a suitable AC / DC charging combination
  • setting charging power based on fleet composition and available power
  • SW analysis for infrastructure management and integration with client software

A Turnkey Solution

  • Complete delivery of infrastructure (cabling installation, modification of existing wiring)
  • Installation and configuration of charging stations
  • Preparation and configuration of SW for remote station management
  • Operator training (fleet managers and drivers)