Charging stations

OlifeEnergy ACOlife Energy AC - The hard-wearing, free-standing AC charging station for electric vehicles is equipped with two cables with standardized plugs. It is possible to charge two vehicles simultaneously with up to 22 kW power for each E.V. The charging session can be started automatically after connecting to the vehicle, or after authentication with a RfID card. Optional advanced control and monitoring is available through Olife Energy Cloud service via OCPP. The input power can be dynamically controlled from 0 to 44 kW if the available power is limited by a weak grid or building power withdrawal limits.
OlifeEnergy DCFast charging station for electric cars with an output of up to 320 kW in a free-standing design. The power electronics are located directly in the rack (no additional boxes are required for outputs up to 120 kW). OlifeEnergy DC is equipped with two cables with DC charging connectors. In the "dual" operating mode, the station can fast charge two electric cars at the same time. Optionally, a socket or cable with a connector for AC charging can also be added. The station is fully compatible with the OlifeEnergy Cloud service for remote monitoring, control, station control and power regulation. It can also be controlled using RfID cards or a mobile application, or remotely via the OCPP protocol.
OlifeEnergy WallBoxThe OlifeEnergy WallBox is a hard-wearing 22 kW AC charging station for all electric vehicles and is currently available on the EU market. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor wall-mounted installation. Optionally, WallBox can be installed on a floormounted post.
OlifeEnergy DoubleBoxDoubleBox is a hard-wearing 22 kW AC charging station for all electric vehicles and is currently available on the EU market. It can charge two vehicles simultaneously, up to 22 kW each. DoubleBox can be equipped with two Type 2 sockets or two Type 2 or Type 1 plugs with cable. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor wall-mounted installation. Optionally, DoubleBox can be installed on a floormounted post.
Comparison of variants
Circuit breaker protection
Charging up to 44 kW
RfID authorization
Authorization Cloud, OCPP
Possibility of charging
Charging records
Connection to the internal system
Publication on the map of stations
Mobile phone control
Performance management *
for 2x E.V.
unlimited E.V.
* power control is an external SmartMeter module

Optional extension modules

Local control unitControls single charging station (OlifeEnergy AC, IB, DB) to transfer all available power in the building or dedicated circuit into charged vehicle(s). It decreases time of charging without necessity or increase main SPD, providing significant decrease of fixed and regular costs.

OlifeEnergy cloud services

OlifeEnergy Cloud is a platform for remote monitoring, management and clients charging. User is provided with the access to information about his charging station and it’s setting through web interface. The platform off ers multiple services which can be combined.
Remote monitoringBasic service for remote communication with the charging station. The user is informed about status and energy consumption including history data. With the Remote monitoring service, the charging station is presented in OlifeEnergy Net charging network for free. Thanks to remote access the OlifeEnergy center can easily diagnose possible problem, in most cases it is even possible to adjust the issue remotely. SIM card for GSM module is included in the package.
Access controlThis service allows management of users allowed to use the DoubleBox charging station. The DoubleBox can appear as a public charging station in OlifeEnergy Net, or it can be visible only to a certain group of users.
Power controlA Load-Balancing service for advanced control of the charging station. If there is not enough power to charge the E.V., or E.V. fleet, consumption of the charging station(s) can be controlled based on specific maximum withdraw limit (weak grid) or dynamically (based on maximum consumption of the building in a certain time frame – MaR system). Overall the Power control service brings savings for reducing building main circuit breaker tariff or maximum reserved powerpayments, it also prevents possible penalties for overstepping maximum quarter-hour power withdraw limits.
Payment systemThis service allows the OlifeEnergy AC charging station to be operated in public charging mode. Charging fee is defined by the owner.