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OlifeEnergy Net
Olife Energy a.s.’s own network of charging stations are the foundation and proof of concept of our charging solutions. Our network is operated by Olife Energy, a.s. and Olife produces all the EV charging stations.
MONETA Money Bank, Ostrava
Delivery of six OlifeEnergy AC charging stations for the private charging of the MONETA Money Bank EV fleet.
Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, Jenec
Charging stations for employees operated by OlifeEnergy Cloud system for monitoring and the payment platform.
MONETA Money Bank
OlifeEnergy IndustryBox and DoubleBox for private charging of MONETA Money Bank's company fleet on regional branches. Energy load balancing (sharing of available power input) and idetification by emploies personal RFID cards also included.
Energy financial group, Prague
Two OlifeEnergy IndustryBoxes for private parking spaces in underground garages.
DEVINN, Mlada Boleslav
OlifeEnergy DC and OlifeEnergy AC in the parking lot for visitors and staff.